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Finding Our Authentic Self (December 2020)

AUTHENTICITY what does that mean exactly?

As a noun, the Oxford Dictionary says it means “the quality of being GENUINE or TRUE”.

The Adjective, the Collins Dictionary says, that “an authentic person, object, or emotion is GENUINE”.

How many of us can truly say that we portray the authentic version of ourselves?

Have we lost the ability to be authentic in the crazy world we live in?

When we honour our own UNIQUENESS, are we also embracing our AUTHENTIC self?

Being authentic simply means being a genuine version of ourselves, being true to our beliefs and allowing our uniqueness to shine through.

It is certain, however, that many of us do not live in our genuine state.

So, what is it that makes us morph and move away from our authenticity?

Perhaps we are moulded and conditioned into being the person that everyone else wants us to be.

Maybe our partners have the ability to curb our behaviours to suit themselves or is it that we curb our own behaviours to suit them?

Or that the society we live in has the power to do much the same!

LIFE just simply has a way of driving us away from our genuine unique self.

Years of complying with the needs of the people we care for, the culture we live in or the pressures from the place we work, can be what takes us off track from being authentic.

To be genuine, we are required to look deeply within ourselves, at our values and our core beliefs.

To understand what matters to us.

It takes great courage to look at oneself, worts and all, as if stripped naked, to deeply appreciate what we have become and how far away from our authentic self we have travelled.

When we honour our own uniqueness, we value every part of who we are.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Our uniqueness is the most powerful attribute we have.

No one is like us.

No one has the ability to be us.

We are each, beautifully unique.

My daughter once wrote that “ABUNDANCE is the key to contentment and gratitude with who we are.

Not in the sense of a futuristic abundance, or commercial abundance, or anything as superficial as that.

In the sense that being and living from a place of abundance is about knowing our own

unique irreplaceable worth.

It means that we are full with both the acknowledgement and the acceptance that we are not just enough, but that we are overflowing with the beauty and magic of who we are”.

It is an interesting concept this idea of finding our authentic self, because the lines have become so blurred, we often can’t tell what is true or genuine about us any longer.

There is no doubt that some reading this might think that they are the authentic version of themselves.

There are others who may be nodding gently, feeling the utter confusion that they have lost their uniqueness and feel a sense of desperation to find their genuine authentic self again.

What is it that makes you, you?

Imagine how it would feel to be able to live and be the authentic person you are!

No more keeping up with the Jones’, no more pretence, no more stress or anxiety about simply being yourself.

ACCEPTANCE of your own uniqueness.

Being worthy of your own love for yourself.

Embracing everything that you are, all your beliefs and all your values.

Because, when we love ourselves, we are able to be the authentic version of ourself.

My daughter went on to explain in her blog that in order to “fully grasp the extent of our own unique irreplaceable worth” we need to “acknowledge and respect our irreplaceability and allow the truth of our worthiness to shine”.

This is the key to finding our authentic self.

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