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Meet Stephanie



Stephanie has a master’s degree in Counselling, a post graduate degree in Theological Studies and post graduate studies in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy. Stephanie is currently completing a post graduate course in Ego State Therapy. 


She has worked with men and women coping with a variety of issues and has also worked with children coping with stress, anxiety, anger and family issues (including DFV).


Her personal experiences extend to a greater understanding of grief and loss, anxiety and stress, PTSD and relationship issues.

More recently she has also been using Clinical Hypnosis to help clients build confidence, self esteem and coping mechanisms as well as for pain management.

Stephanie is highly skilled in meditation, mindfulness and deep relaxation, helping her clients relieve stress from day to living, grief, anxiety, fear, trauma and depression. As a Reiki Master Stephanie offers a unique blend of skills that help her clients gain a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality and helps them bring balance back into their lives. 

Having lived and worked overseas most of her professional life, Stephanie is open to different cultures and nationalities. She is fluent in French and also speaks some Italian and German.




The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

I had a wonderful reiki and relaxation session with Stephanie at her beautiful studio in Warrandyte. She has a very calming and reassuring presence and voice, and after only a few days, I already know that she has helped me to shift into a more positive mindset. I'll definitely look forward to next time, thanks Stephanie

- Leanne Murphy

Stephanie is such a compassionate and beautiful soul. She transports you to the most magical places with her powerful healing vibrations. Her studio is an oasis for healing and nurturing. I highly recommend this experience to leave behind the stresses  of your daily life to sooth your soul and heal your body

- Nalini Singam

Thank you for looking after me for the past three months. You have helped me a lot. You are an awesome (the best) Counsellor. I will always remember what you told me in our last session together. 

- This person wishes to remain anonymous

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